Hunt, Al, “Bowles, Simpson Discuss Federal Deficit Commission,” Bloomberg, 02/18/10

Erskine Bowles: “I think a value added tax – I’ve looked at lots of them – ought to be something that’s on the table.  Again, I think you’ve got to look at all solutions.”

Alan Simpson: “Flat tax, I’ve heard that talked about – I never thought that would work very well.  Value added, anything.  Tweaking, raising the social security age – I mean the thing was set up when the average age was 57; that’s why they started at average age 65; now the average lifespan is 80/83.  Can’t work.”

Sachs, Jeffrey, “Choices for America’s Economic Future,” lecture, Columbia University, 11/16/09

Sachs Student Lecture – Choices for America’s Economic Future from Earth Institute on Vimeo.

“…The things that President Obama wants to do: better education, sustainable energy, new transport, improved infrastructure, green recovery, improved international relations, development assistance for hungry people – all of that costs money…”

“…Basically we need new taxes.  And, the difference essentially that I would recommend is introducing a Value Added Tax…something like a 12% VAT rate…”

Walker, David W., “The Fiscal Wake-Up Tour Online,” The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, 09/16/09

(VATinfo Note: Walker does not mention VAT in this concise overview, but does favor a VAT; see quote in “Books” section.)

“We can and we must reform our tax system to make it simpler, fairer, more competitive, more administrable and also to generate adequate revenues to pay our current bills and to deliver on the promises we intend to keep.

And, yes, we can engage in a fundamental review and re-baselining of all major tax programs and tax preferences to understand which ones work, which ones don’t, which ones are focused on the future and which ones perpetuate the past.”