Paul Krugman: “The End of the Tunnel,” 10/08/10

Paul Krugman raises an essential problem with our government — its inability to creatively conceive a visionary plan for growth.  Worse yet, Krugman cites the Gov. Christie’s cancellation of a visionary project, the new tunnel between Manhattan and New Jersey, which is wanted for future growth in commerce.  It is a venture that was infusing capital, jobs and optimism into the metro New York economy.

Refer to my last post in which I called for the development of a solar industrial policy to create a home-grown manufacturing industry that would provide even more installation jobs, while reducing our dependency on imported oil.  The mechanisms are at hand: Feed-In Tariff, Property Assessed Clean Energy Bonds, U.S. Patent protection for only those products 80% value added in manufacturing here, a replacement of Corporate Income Taxes with a revenue-neutral VAT.