David Brooks, “The Paralysis of the State,” 10/12/10

David Brooks in “The Paralysis of the State,” New York Times,  October 12, 2010, decries the inability of “sclerotic government” to fix problems, but spends too much copy against unions.
Unions are not killing jobs, outsourcing is.  Unions are not forcing lower wages upon middle-class America, competition against cheap Asian labor is.

Democrats who believe in government solutions to problems are not compelling leadership to  to create the meaningful change we need.  We need tax reform (VAT) to level the playing field for American workers and businesses alike.  And, we need a new home-grown industry for economic growth. We had two home-grown industries that created jobs and profits, the internet in the 90’s and the housing/construction industry in the 00’s.  Both grew to excess and exploded, but boom and bust cycles are a natural phenomenon in capitalism.  

We need another new industry now, and that IMO should be solar power, fueled with government incentives of a feed-in tariff and PACE bonds and protected by restricting U.S. Patents to those products which are at least 80% manufactured in the U.S.  A VAT would help to restrict imports to this industry while it made our exports more competitive, while making calculation of American Value Added easy.

With a solar industrial policy we would be less dependent upon oil imports.  Freedom anyone?